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Space Glass and  Mirror, one of the best choices to get the best option of our wide elegant collection, custom glass and mirror shop, made of all type of glass, UPVC, mirrors and aluminum, with delivery and installation. Shower enclosure – LED Mirror – Wall Mirror – Table top Glass – Railing Glass – Aluminum Glass

Glass Table top

Luxury selection of Shower glass and Bathroom mirrors for home and work, plus custom made mirror, glass, and aluminum. measure sizes and design, to fits the interior spaces and colors. serve several functional and aesthetic purposes,
they reflect light and images to make a small room appear larger, and it can add a nice decorative touch to your surroundings.

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Custom Glass and mirror

Upcoming events, using mirror, glass, UPVC, and aluminum as decoration for events, we are always working to improve the quality and design mechanism in terms of materials and modern designs, to match the current and upcoming times.

Shower Glass door enclosure – are custom made to fit in any area that can add sophistication to the bathroom. there are many different models of shower enclosure to choose from when you’re considering making an upgrade to your bathroom.
The shower area seamlessly blends with the room, for a stylish and stunning look,
with no heavy fixtures and fittings but have a chance to choose the color you desire
for the accessories. the design opportunities are virtually limitless. with Custom Shower Glass door Enclosure.
for those who love elegance, it’s hard to miss the beauty of Shower Glass frameless sliding door. options when you’re considering glass shower door installation.
making your glass showers unique while still matching the look and feel of the rest of the bathroom.
frameless sliding shower door are elegant and modern. it adds class to overall appearance of the bathroom area, sliding doors have minimal
fixings. it can be considered option to use on the top of bathtub or shower area and it’s help more to tighten the water to not leak and spread.
Achieve a luxurious and comfort atmosphere to make your bathroom look open and airy with frameless glass screens.
contrary to what you might think, a doorless walk-in shower requires more space than stander shower. shower glass fixed Panel typically consisting of a floor to ceiling panel and this is a more open alternative to a full enclosure and glass shape can be in straight cut or one side curve from the top and can have a painted black border all the way around of the glass.


Custom Any Size LED mirror Dubai. create a modern, sophisticated look that is sure to please. They can be used not only in the bathroom but also in any room of your home and it will help to brighten up your space more importantly LED lights mirror are energy efficient and it will save your money in maintenance cost, such as installing new bulbs.

A bathroom needs proper lighting to be functional, and effective lighting. a backlit mirror usually works with LED lights sitting behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter giving off a sublet but sufficient light with a relaxing glow.

A beautiful Framed wall mirror will bring a touch of class to your home interior.
wall mirrors are also a great way to make a statement in your home
If you want to add a touch of luxury to your space, hanging a large and ornate mirror
is the perfect way to do it.

One of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of your house is the most
understated yet stylish manner is putting a modern wall mirrors. it can be a freestanding on the flo0r or hang on the wall, we can make a wall mirror in all kind of shape in any shapes and any size you can imagine.

Custom glass table tops is the perfect material for protecting your surfaces and to give furniture a new and neat look. It’s a timeless design, perfectly suited for use as a dining table, coffee table, side table top glass.
We manufacture all of our Table Tops Glass & Surface, We have a wide range of options
for cut to size glass table tops ranging from shapes to colors and even quality.
we have the skills, expertise and the resource to create what you are looking for.
Staircase Railing Glass- Glass Balustrades rail system are increasingly used to add sophistication, safety,  and a contemporary style with a wide choice of frames and fittings.null
Staircase Hand railing glass system are safety requirement on open staircase and balconies,
it’s a panel that provide a barrier or fence, their primary purpose is usually as a safety barrier, they can be made from a number of
materials such as chrome and stainless steels with a choice of frames and fittings and with various style handrailing available to complete your staircase, we can create custom balustrades railing to suit individual building’s needs and wants.

Aluminum Door and Window

Fully custom made to measure Aluminum Commercial Doors available in custom made aluminum door to fit your properties spaces, High security locking system, maintenance-free, complete with 10 year guarantee.

All of our aluminum glass doors have been manufactured to the highest possible standard in order to enhance all aspects of your property.

Perfect for encouraging natural light to filter into your home, our aluminum glass doors are strong, robust, and ideal for creating a feeling of light and space at the front or the rear of your property.
Of course, a glass door with an aluminum frame is also incredibly stylish.

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"In the freezing cold and looking through the glass of space you see the thunder reflected in its mirror, not a free position.” “It was the lack of heat, looking at the thunder, not a free position.”

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